Therapeutic and Balancing Massage Treatments

balancing massage

More than just a classic Swedish. Our Massage therapists are skilled in bringing your body back to balance with stress reducing techniques that alleviate tension in your muscles while enhancing your overall sense of well being.

50 min $75 | 80 min $115  | 110 min $165

deep tissue massage

A therapeutic massage focusing on your body's present needs. Deep and targeted pressure is used providing immediate relief to fatigued and knotted muscles and ease the spasm cycle. Deep tissue massage also aides in the removal of stored toxins, to help your body heal itself.

50 min $85 | 80 min $125  | 110 min $175


signature vir tú experience

This multi-sensory massage includes the powerful effects of aroma, sound and touch therapies to elicit a specific balancing and health enhancing response, making this an ideal choice for anyone looking to partner with our therapists for true body work. Totally customized to your needs and designed to address you on a physical, mental, spiritual and energetic level.

80 min $140


hot stone massage

A full body melt that combines the smooth flowing strokes of a balancing massage with warm basalt stones. This warm and wonderful massage uses heat and specific techniques to ease away stress from tight muscles and relieve physical and emotional tensions from the body. You will leave feeling rested and revitalized.

50 min $90 | 80 min $140


aromatherapy massage

The combination of aromatherapy and massage is known all around the world as an ancient science of healing. A true marriage of balance and peace is brought over body as you begin an aromatic journey towards relaxation. This treatment will leave your spirit harmonized as you experience the power of plant and flower essences.

50 min $85 | 80 min $125


maternity massage

A special massage at a time when it's needed most.  Our custom pre-natal massage is tailored to you.  The "Prego Pillow" is designed to allow you to comfortably lie on your stomach, relieving back strain and muscle tension.  This massage will help alleviate swelling, reduce tension, enhance sleep and provide much needed comfort during this wonderful and body stressing experience. 

50 min $85


express back therapy

When time is limited, this therapy concentrates on sore, tense muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, a common area where most people hold tension.  A quick stress reliever anytime.

25 min $45


couples massage

Now you can share the remarkable experience of well being. Enjoy the privacy of a treatment room specifically designed for couples to receive simultaneous therapeutic treatments built entirely around your specific needs. Relax and renew with a loved one or a friend. Choose your wellness path together.


aromatherapy | $10