Introducing FarmHouse Fresh Goods
Bath. Body. Whimsy.


Wake Up Buttercup! Manicure & Pedicure

A citrus-refreshing manicure & pedicure that will leave your hands & feet blissfully buttery, supple & serene!


The Happy Hour Manicure & Pedicure

It’s always 5 o’clock at Vir tu! This manicure & pedicure will chase all your troubles away with a warm nectar milk soak, heated honey wrap & capped off with a velvety Whoopie! Cream. Cheers!


Sweet Retreat Scrub

An escape from the ordinary! An exfoliation with a sweet cream scrub and finished with a sweet cream body milk makes this a nostalgically sweet retreat, no calories added!


Milk & Honey Scrub

A whipped honey fine sea salt scrub smoothes rough areas, stimulating your skin’s renewal. The sweet finale moisturizes your body with a sweet cream body milk.


Rescue Me Cactus Cooler Wrap

A cool citrus grass salt scrub preps you for the firming cactus wrap that is more soothing than prickly and ends with a warm agave nectar oil.



Yogurt Parfait Nourishing Wrap

A shea sugar body polish and a honey oat yogurt mask purify your pores while hydrating and tightening your skin. A rich, citrus-vanilla shea butter will wrap up this treatment.


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