The vir tú Experience

Winter Seasonal Services at vir tú

Starting December 1, 2012




Hot Toddy for the Body Scrub

Best Enjoyed: Cozied up, and ready for a
mega-moisture boost

The Mood: A hip escape from the day to day!

Experience: A cozy soak in buttery Nectar Milk and Chicory root to warm and soften skin before a scrumptiously spiked rub banishes dead skin. Relax! Finished with a chaser of velvety cream and a relaxing massage nightcap. Cheers!


Chocolate Chai Warming Facial chocolate chai

Best Enjoyed: Melting Away

The Mood: You can never have too much of a good thing!

Experience: Savor the change of seasons with this radiant facial! A butter brulee  soak clears the way for a papaya enzyme mask that brings a soothing healthy glow. Take a deep breath-and hold-as a rich dark chocolate softening mask is painted over you. Finally, a sweet agave nectar plump renewed skin, leaving a calmed, refined complexion with seemingly teeny tiny pores. True decadence!

Hot Toddy for the Body Wrap

Best Enjoyed: Throwing back a quickie

The Mood: All warm and cozy

Experience: This decadent wrap begins with a full body exfoliation using a scrumptiously spiked scrub. Next you will be wrapped in a hydrating, heated honey wrap leaving your skin with a healthy glow. This tempting treatment finishes with a sweet buttercream-scented whipped shea butter that will leave you humming spa-la-la-la all the way home!



Peppermint Patty Massage

Best Enjoyed: Festively indulging into a seasonal treat

The Mood: A sweetened awakening of the senses

Experience: Hard to resist, scrumptious peppermint white velvet cream & moist layer cake infused massage.  Not only is our Peppermint patty irresistible to the senses, peppermint oil naturally relieves tension & stress.   This treatment layers a unique combination of Vitamin E and jojoba oils that calm even the severest winter skin.

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